Consultancy, tailor-made advice

All Waardewerk valuations are solid and substantiated, however, sometimes a client seeks even more detail in order to be able to see the whole picture and strategically plan any follow-up steps. In such a case, an expert consultation can offer the solution. With this, we peer into the heart of the matter and provide forecasts, market or historical analyses, opinions and recommendations. Everything is based on thorough research and verifiable documentation wherever possible. In this way, the client is thoroughly prepared for their next steps.


An overview and insight

Ownership should not be a burden. Clients often need both an overview and insight: What exactly do I have? What is it worth? What can I do with it?

Theory (and reports) is one thing, practical help is another. Invariably, our clients gain as much, if not more, value from our on-the-spot consultancy and collection management than from expansive reports made from a distance. Bottlenecks, such as legal disputes, can be navigated, and processes can be built and implemented.